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Estude espanhol em Buenos Aires na Argentina

A Escola de Espanhol Expanish, de Buenos Aires, oferece aos seus alunos uma oportunidade única de combinar cursos de espanhol e autênticas experiências culturais, permitindo aos estudantes uma imersão completa na cultura da Argentina... Leia Mais

Cursos de Espanhol Horas/Semanas Nível de Espanhol Data de Início
Espanhol Intensivo 20 20 horas por semana Todos Toda segunda-feira
Particular Escolha de Horas Todos Every Weekday
Espanhol e Voluntariado 15+ horas por semana Todos Toda segunda-feira
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Quiero decirles que la escuela es fantástica, los profesores extraordinarios y los métodos pedagógicos... Leia Mais

CanadaGeraldo Barsalou, Canadá

I have had a great 8 weeks meeting some great people and learning not only about the language by the... Leia Mais

InglaterraJonathan Robb, England

Me gusta esta escuela muchísimo! Todas las personas que trabajan aca son muy buenas y ellos... Leia Mais

HolandaNadine Van Veen, Holland

Me encantó estudiar en un pequeño grupo, me permitió hablar mucho español. Los temas en la clase... Leia Mais

FranciaIrfana Guelah, France

Expanish Blog

5 Reasons Taking a Spanish Language Exam is a Great Investment

While you’re on the journey towards mastering your Spanish, there comes a point where it’s not enough to just be able to communicate. If you’re serious about your learning, at some point, you want to make it official. You want to have a piece of paper that tells the world your Spanish is great and […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires

Coming to Buenos Aires to study Spanish is a big decision, but one that is rewarding and can have lasting impressions on your life. As with any new adventure, it requires some planning and preparation before taking the leap. There will inevitably be things you wish you had known before arriving, but hopefully these tips […]

10 words you need to know in Buenos Aires

It is widely known that the Spanish of Buenos Aires, also called “Rioplatense” is different from the Spanish that is spoken in other parts of Latin America and in Spain, with different terms used for certain things (an avocado, in most places known as aguacate, is a palta here, for example, and bacon is pancetta, […]

8 Tips to improve your spoken Spanish

Want to know why learning to speak fluently in Spanish is so hard? Native Spanish speakers don’t always speak correctly! Spanish lessons aim to give you the knowledge and foundation to speak, read, write and listen in Spanish—but even the best Spanish lessons in Argentina (or in any country, for that matter) cannot perfect your […]

10 reasons why Buenos Aires is the best place to learn Spanish

Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant, pulsating and cosmopolitan cities in Latin America, and is attracting travelers from all over the world – thanks to its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, its broad spectrum of art and culture, renowned cuisine and exquisite wines. But why just visit Buenos Aires – why not learn […]
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