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O que as pessoas dizem da Escola de Espanhol Expanish na Argentina

Aqui na Expanish nós trabalhamos com muita dedicação para garantir que oferecemos aos alunos o melhor possível. Por isso, nos dá uma grande sensação de realização quando recebemos comentários positivos de nossos alunos e dos meios de comunicação.

Depoimentos de estudantes

Uma seleção de depoimentos de estudantes de espanhol que estudaram na Expanish:

Since arriving the staff and students have been incredibly friendly. It is a very social school and there are lots of activities and socials to enjoy alongside learning Spanish. I will definitely recommend Expanish to friends.

Simon Bate, England

Expanish was a wonderful experience for our family (i came with my son and daughter). The instructors tailored the program to meet our needs and the children in particular, were speaking like Portenos in no time. All of our instructors, both group and private, were wonderful and dedicated to our success.

Meredith Shaw, Panama City Beach, Florida

At Expanish I met a lot different people all over the world. The classes were really mixed with every ages and nationalities. The lessons were very intensive, I learned a lot. If you are not happy with the class or teacher you have, you are able to change. The school is also very interested to make the best of your stay.

Virginia Frei, Zurich, Switzerland

Expanish are very organized and efficient whether by internet or in person your queries are answered immediately. Their approach is very professional but the teaching is friendly and personable. Altogether, a very positive experience!

Layla Meehan, UK

Expanish has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I always felt very comfortable coming here. The classes with Analía were excellent! Her knowledge of the language is vast and her explanations very clear and thorough

Jessy Tuddenham, USA

A escola é limpa e bem organizada. O staff é muito atencidad e irá te ajudan em tudo o que precisar. As aulas tem intervalos que ajudan os estudantes a "descançan", e são bem dinâmicas. No sexto piso você pode praticar não somente espanhol, mas seu inglês, francês, alemão... Minha experiência foi nota 10!!!

Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil

Really enjoyed my time in Expanish. Learned a lot in a short time and particularly enjoyed the community fell of the school. My thanks to Patricia and Laura and all of the staff

Mark Penman, UK

The staff at Expanish has been extremely helpful and friendly, and the school location, right downtown, is a great plus for getting to know the city.

Marie Pierre Ayoul, Canada

I'm glad that I came to Expanish because I learned so much more in two weeks here that I did with two years of high school Spanish. The teachers are very nice and helpful. They want you to learn and succeed. I also liked meeting people from other countries who were here with the same goal.


I showed up unannounced and immediately felt welcomed. My teacher, Florencia, is great and I learned a lot from her. I also really enjoyed the small class sizes. Thanks Expanish!

Danielle Mindess, USA

There is a really lovely atmosphere in the school. All staff is welcoming and friendly. Been an enjoyable learning experience. It's been really useful to study Spanish again. The class dynamic air these two weeks was really good and has made friends with my peers as well as the teacher. Intensive but also interesting. I fell I have progressed a lot.

Sara Sreberny-Mohammadi, England

From my first correspondence with Expanish, I had a very positive feeling. The staff have all been so encouraging and the lessons passed ridiculously quickly without a minute of boredom. Teachers were also full of great advice on what to do in Buenos Aires and explain and describe enthusiastically the history of Argentina. Thank you Expanish.

Letitia Blackett

We, five of us, felt very welcome. Your understanding of the different needs of everyone was appreciated. Meeting other students in a relaxed environment was perfect. Thank you.


Thanks for the experience. An awesome way to spend your time in Buenos Aires. Not just a school but an experience.

Gary Mills, England

The staff, teachers, and students, all super friendly. I am leaving with a lot of friends and a better understanding of the language. Great time, great school, would recommend to anyone that comes to Buenos Aires.

Anthony Anello, USA

My time with Expanish will always be remembered with positive feelings, I enjoyed the challenge of beginning to learn a new language - very foreign to me. Expanish made me feel very welcome and comfortable both in the classroom and out in the city, I enjoyed forging new friendships. Expanish is guilty of making me fall in love with Buenos Aires!

Bruce Hart, Australia

The atmosphere was excellent, staff and teachers very good and friendly. See you in September!


I had a great time here learning Spanish and meeting great people from Buenos Aires and the rest of the world. I would recommend this program to everyone and anyone. Gracias.


What an amazing experience to come to such an energetic city to learn Spanish! Every day after class was another excuse to practice what we had learned. This was a once in a lifetime trip! I only wish I could stay longer.


Our teacher Florencia was really persistent in speaking Spanish and making us speak it too, so I think that our pronunciation and verbal speaking has improved a lot since we've been here. I loved coming here and the days went by so fast, I always felt as if I was home whenever I was here.


I really enjoyed taking classes at Expanish, for the amount of time that I was able to spend here I feel that I learned so much.


Expanish has been a great experience! The relaxed teaching style & incredibly friendly staff made learning easy & fun. Maria & Natalia were especially helpful & great fun. Many thanks!

Nicky Pinnel, England

I have been to two different schools in the past and Expanish is by far the best and most enjoyable experience.


Thank you for your patience, I really enjoyed myself, see you next year (I hope with a little more Spanish)!

Charly Wiltshire

From start to finish, my Expanish experience was excellent. A lively classroom experience, beautiful facilities, and, above all, an engaging and helpful staff served to exceed all my expectations. If I can find the time, it would be a pleasure to come back!


I joined Expanish for only one week (unfortunately), but it was very effective. I didn't speak a word when I came to Buenos Aires, but now I can order my meal, ask for the way, start a conversation, etc. The atmosphere at Expanish was great. Everybody was really enthusiastic, helpful, and energetic. Thanks for everything!

Mark Van Der Nieden

I have had a great 8 weeks meeting some great people and learning not only about the language by the culture and history of Argentina and South America. The learning environment was relaxed and productive. I strongly recommend Expanish.

Jonathan Robb, England

Me encantó estudiar en un pequeño grupo, me permitió hablar mucho español. Los temas en la clase también eran muy interesantes!

Irfana Guelah, France

My overall experience with Expanish was great!! I can recommend it to everyone who is looking for an international place abroad to learn Spanish! Great central location in the heart of BsAs, friendly and passionate people, high standard and professional teachers with excellent knowledge and skills. No voy a olvidar

Ulrike Meder

I particularly enjoyed the teachers, especially Nicha and the afternoon lessons. The social activities were very good too. The school has a very nice atmosphere and the teachers and staff are professional.


I appreciate the fact that as an older person among jovenes, I was accepted as a student. Thanks!

Andy Rogers

My course with Expanish was brilliant. Class sizes allowed individual attention. Staff were friendly and the social program was very beneficial. Buenos Aires was an amazing city and staying in a shared apartment was great. It gave me the opportunity to live as Argentineans would while practicing my Spanish. Gracias!

Stephanie Negal, England

Good-safe and serious. A nice way to know a nice country.

Line Iden Berge, Norway

Expanish was really a great experience and I would be staying longer if I hadn't already booked all my flights before trying it out.

Kate Farrell, USA

Arriving in a new country can be a difficult situation, especially in a country where you do not know the language. Expanish has exceeded my expectations in regards to their educational process. Now when people talk I can actually understand them, that is, when they stop talking insanely fast.

David Raifaizen, USA


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Erster Schritt war dementsprechend ein Sprachkurs an der Sprachschule Expanish in Buenos Aires.

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We’re quite impressed by the extra activities the school offers - today it was a mate tasting, where we learned how to prepare mate correctly


I was also really impressed with the facilities. Instead of the dark and dreary classrooms with half broken tables and squeaky chairs that I expected, I found bright colors, 6 floors of classrooms and plenty of places to hang out with fellow students.

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Expanish has great facilities, friendly staff, and quality teachers.


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