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Expanish Top 10 Tips for Learning Spanish

Are you thinking about learning Spanish in South America? Do you want some useful advice on the best way to improve your Spanish language skills? We've asked our experienced teachers for the top 10 tips for learning Spanish. Here are their answers:

1. Be Patient

Students expect to learn Spanish quickly and get discouraged when they aren't speaking fluently right away. Take your time and don't expect to be speaking perfect Spanish in the beginning. You should take small, manageable steps to learning a new language, as it can take some time and lots of practice! Congratulate yourself on the progress that you make and try to steer clear of making unrealistic goals.

2. Study Spanish Abroad

Students learn Spanish more quickly when taking classes in a Spanish-speaking country, and one month of classes in Argentina will help you improve much more than one equivalent month of classes in your home country. Our students always tell us that their Spanish improved significantly after their Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires as they were combined with real-life practice in everyday situations. For students that want to study more than just Spanish, study abroad programs in Buenos Aires are a great way to take university classes abroad while studying Spanish and earning credits at your home institution.

3. Read in Spanish

Students can always significantly improve their Spanish by reading small articles or short stories on a regular basis. Plus it is a great way to pick up common Spanish words and phrases quickly. Our teachers say that Spanish newspapers and magazines can help students pick up key phrases and structures and gain more confidence in their writing and reading abilities.

4. Organize Your Work and Yourself

With all the resources available for learning Spanish, it is easy to become overloaded with papers, notes, notebooks, worksheets and books. Our professors suggest that you review everything you've learned and understand it after every lesson. Afterwards, you should organize everything in a way that you understand and is easy to follow. There is nothing more frustrating than consistently searching for a vital piece of information amongst hundreds of sheets of paper!

5. Use Flashcards

Students and teachers alike know that flashcards are a great way to memorize important Spanish words and phrases that they come across each day. You can keep the flashcards with you during the day and can refer to them quickly and easily. If you keep hearing a word that you don't know yet while you are out exploring or if there is a word or phrase you constantly forget, write it on a flashcard. You can then perfect your Spanish vocabulary by focusing on the key areas you need to practice.

6. Watch Movies with Spanish Subtitles

Students should try to expose themselves to as much Spanish television and film as possible, which will help develop and practice your listening skills. Also, many students choose to watch films in their native language with Spanish subtitles and try to match the words spoken to the words written on the screen. This is a fun and particularly helpful way to develop your Spanish comprehension skills at a faster pace while enjoying a great film at the same time. Here at Expanish, we host weekly film clubs and include videos into some of the lessons so students can practice their listening comprehension while learning Spanish in Argentina.

7. Label Your Surroundings

Buy a pad of sticky notes and label common objects in your home. Every time you go near a labeled item say it out loud. You will never forget important words like "el baño" or “la cocina” again.

8. Learn With a Friend

Learning Spanish can sometimes be a frustrating and seemingly endless process, but the best way to conquer this is by finding friends who will support you when you feel like giving up. Learning Spanish with a friend also ensures that you have a really good partner for conversation practice since your homework usually only involves reading and writing. At Expanish, there are endless opportunities to meet new friends in your Spanish classes, at your accommodation, and by participating in Expanish activities and excursions!

9. Don't Cram - Spread Your Studies

Most of us are classic procrastinators, and will put off studying all week and then, the night before a lesson, or quiz cram for 2 or 3 hours. Then, after promising yourself never to do things last minute again, you repeat the exact same process the next week. It is always best to spend short periods of time studying and learning your weekly tasks every day. In this way, you can discover the areas you are struggling with and then focus on them before your next Spanish lesson.

Expanish offers various Spanish Worksheets to offer students some extra practice on specific areas of the language!

10. Join a Spanish Learning Community

Lots of people all over the world are trying to learn Spanish just like you, and you can find a large community of people who are looking to practice with other Spanish students. We live in an age where information and support is very easy to obtain, so take advantage of it. You can sign up for online support and guidance, meet for language exchanges or participate in local Spanish group meetings.

Overall, try to remember that learning a foreign language can be challenging and frustrating at times. You progress will reflect the effort you put in and the resources you have available. However, it is also a fun, rewarding and worthwhile experience! Here at Expanish we believe that if you really want to learn Spanish then you have to put your heart and soul into it and commit to immersing yourself in Spanish practice. Buena Suerte!

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