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Spanish Courses for Expats in Buenos Aires

The Spanish Course for Expats is designed for the busy expats living and working in Buenos Aires.

You’re already in the great city of Buenos Aires but now you want to improve or perfect your language skills--come meet people and learn Spanish at Expanish.

Learn at your own pace with our less-intensive, night class that meets twice a week. Each module lasts four weeks and students can do just one module or continue with class year-round. The course is being offered for all levels--from beginner to advanced. This course is:

  • Less intensive with a 4-hour mixture of conversation and written exercises per week. From 18h30 to 20h30 on monday and wednesday during 4 weeks.
  • For small groups with an average of 4 students to a level
  • Easy to follow in a relaxed environment which makes it easy to learn and meet other expats

What Does the Expat Course Offer?

The Spanish Course for Expats in Buenos Aires offers a relaxed and less-intensive way to learn Spanish in a group setting that works with your busy schedule. Come visit our school anytime and we will give you a free Spanish level exam. Students will meet on the first day of the module and then be placed into a group by language level. There is always time to get to know classmates and practice Spanish with each other. Plus, if you’re a student in the Spanish Course for Expats here in Buenos Aires, our weekly activities, tours, and student discounts are available to you to join in whenever you want!

Who Should Take the Expat Course?

The course is specifically designed for expats (expatriates) who are already located in Buenos Aires. If you have a job in the city or another commitment stopping you from taking intensive classes, this course is perfect for you. You will meet people from all over the world living in Buenos Aires in a two 2-hour evening course and still have the high-quality teachers and materials that Expanish always provides. We highly recommend our Spanish course for expats in Buenos Aires.

What Should I Expect in the Classroom?

Expanish has created specialized textbooks for our night classes and students are required to purchase these materials separately. In most cases, one book will cover the content of more than one module, so students will be able to use the same materials for multiple months. Native Spanish-speaking teachers facilitate the class. We are happy to be one of the few quality options for expatriates looking to learn Spanish in a group setting in modern facilities right here in Buenos Aires.


1200 ARS for one month (includes 2 hours classes on monday and wednesday from 18h30 to 20h30 during 4 weeks).

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Quick Facts

Start Dates: Every month

Spanish Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Duration: 4 weeks

Intensity: 4 hours per week

Schedule: Monday and Wednesdays from 18h30 to 20h30

Average Group Size: 6

Price: 1200 ARS

Start Dates

August: 2nd, 2017

September: 4th, 2017

October: 2nd, 2017

November: 1st, 2017

December: 4th, 2017


Classes will not be held on Argentine holidays, but rather made up at a previously confirmed date during the month. Start dates marked with an astrix (*) will have a date change due to a holiday.

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