Expanish Spanish teachers are carefully selected and highly qualified Francais Os professores da Expanish são rigorosamente selecionados e altamente qualificados Expanish Spanish teachers are carefully selected and highly qualified Die Spanischlehrer von Expanish sind sorgfältig ausgesucht und hochqualifiziert. Los profesores de español de Expanish son cuidadosamente seleccionados y están altamente capacitados page-title

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Expanish Spanish teachers are carefully selected and highly qualified

We pride ourselves on recruiting the best Spanish teachers in Buenos Aires to ensure top quality Spanish teaching

Cynthia Vilaplana, Teacher

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My name is Cynthia Vilaplana, I have a degree in Communications (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and, apart from teaching Spanish, I am a professor in Communication Studies in the city of Buenos Aires high schools. I started teaching Spanish two years ago and I am interested in the teaching of the language, as it allows me to contact people from other cultures and to transmit mine to them. I consider language a fundamental tool to establish social bonds.

Analía Imparato, Teacher

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My name is Analía Imparato, I am Argentine and I live in Buenos Aires. I have a degree in Spanish Literature and Language from La Universidad del Salvador. I have been teaching Spanish to people from all over the world for the last five years. I really enjoy my profession as I am able to experience different cultures and languages through the people I am teaching Spanish to. It is really an amazing and deeply rewarding experience, and always interesting!

Sonia Herskovits, Teacher

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Hi! I am Sonia Herskovits. I studied Science of Communication as well as Journalism in Buenos Aires. I have been working in these two fields for the past 15 years! The use of language and communication are areas of constant learning to me and teaching Spanish has opened up a new world of opportunity as teaching to international students is almost like traveling around different continents without ever having to board a plane. Through my teaching experience, I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people! Being a Spanish teacher has not only has given me the chance to teach others my language and culture but also the chance to learn about other languages and cultures. It's a very rewarding career as I am able to teach my students Spanish while my students teach me a lot about the world.

Eduardo Grandier, Teacher

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My name is Eduardo Grandier and I joined the Expanish staff in 2008. I have studied Linguistics at the Institute Joaquín V. Gonzalez and I additionally am a writer. I haven taken part in several literary workshops and directed narrative and poetry workshops. I have experience teaching Spanish and Classic Latin. Expanish is a school where we teach Spanish with commitment and respect towards everyone. I like to share and exchange cultural aspects besides teaching.

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