Spanish and Volunteer in Buenos Aires Francais Aprenda espanhol e Faça Trabalho Voluntário em Buenos Aires Spaans leren en vrijwilligerswerk bij Expanish in Buenos Aires, Argentinië Spanisch und Freiwilligenarbeit in Buenos Aires Voluntario en Buenos Aires Spanska och volontärarbete i Buenos Aires

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Spanish and Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Expanish offers students the option of volunteering while taking classes. There are a number of volunteer opportunities to choose from and these classes provide students with the possibility of using their Spanish in real life situations while supporting the local community.

Teaching English

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Underprivileged Youth

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Senior Citizens

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Social Services

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What's included?

  • Working with Underprivileged Youth
  • Social Services
  • Tutoring and Academic Support
  • Teaching English
  • Volunteer with Senior Citizens
  • Fundraising
  • Environmental Volunteering
  • Helping People with Disabilities

Quick Facts

Start Dates

Start Dates: Every Monday


Commitment: Average of 15 Hours per Week


Age Requirement: 18 and Up


Price: Volunteer placement + donation

Spanish Level

Spanish Level: Opportunities available for all Spanish levels


Duration: Minimum 4 Weeks (2 Weeks of Spanish Classes + 2 Weeks of Volunteer)


Location: Maximum 2 Hour Commute from the Expanish Spanish School


Schedule: Morning or Afternoon

Volunteer Information

Since Argentina's economic breakdown in 2001, Argentina has faced varying degrees of financial challenges, in particular a rise in poverty levels and a lack of proper funding for education, public services and community development. As a result, various non-governmental organizations have stepped up to the challenge and have begun developing programs that focus on strengthening community aid programs and stimulating local growth.

Despite its recent troubles, Buenos Aires, Argentina remains a beautiful capital city rich in both Latin American and European cultural influences. From the lively streets of La Boca to the chic waterside district of Puerto Madero to the tango-inspired and bohemian San Telmo neighbourhood, Buenos Aires offers an ideal environment for your unique Spanish and volunteer experience in Argentina.

Opportunity Description Hours per week Spanish level Start date*
Teaching English Volunteers will have the chance to volunteer in various schools, educational facilities and centers helping educate youths and adults in Buenos Aires. Min. 15 hours Beginner - Advanced Any Monday
Volunteer in the Community Our Volunteering in the community programs see volunteers working with locals to provide support and friendship. Min. 15 hours Beginner - Advanced Any Monday
Volunteer with Senior Citizens The Volunteering with Senior citizens programs offers participating volunteers the chance to work directly with senior citizens. Min. 15 hours Beginner - Advanced Any Monday
Volunteer with Underprivileged Youth This program is aimed at improving the overall quality of life of the underprivileged youth in Buenos Aires. Volunteers will be working closely with children to better their day-to-day lives and living environment. Min. 15 hours Beginner - Advanced Any Monday

Teaching English is not available from December 10, 2013 to March 14, 2014, during the month of July and from December 8th through March 13, 2015, due to school holidays.

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