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Volunteer Life

Spanish is spoken by more than 300 million people world wide. A working knowledge of the Spanish language will allow you as a volunteer to feel confident and it will help you build real relationships with the local population that your volunteer project is working with. Speaking Spanish will break down the language barrier so that you can speak with a child whose life has been affected by HIV, discuss options for planning renewable resources with local heads of households or shout words of encouragement across the fútbol field to the team you’re coaching.

Volunteer opportunities in South America

Expanish Volunteer offers a range of volunteer projects for those wishing to volunteer in South America. Projects include: Teaching English, Working in the Community, Working With Underprivileged Youth and Working with Senior Citizens.

Expanish Volunteer, in collaboration with carefully selected NGO’s and volunteer organizations in South America, offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in Argentina for those volunteers who are looking to travel abroad and lend their skills, knowledge, strengths, and abilities to improve the quality of life in local communities in Buenos Aires.

Volunteer Opportunities in Argentina

  • Teaching English in Argentina.
  • Volunteering with Underprivileged Youth.
  • Volunteering in the Community.
  • Volunteering with Senior Citizens.

Volunteer Program Information


All of our volunteers in Buenos Aires have the support of an Expanish volunteer coordinator, who will be based at Expanish. Volunteers receive a volunteer program orientation on the Friday before they begin their placement. Orientation includes a detailed program overview, itinerary, welcome package, and the chance to meet fellow volunteers. On the first day of a student’s placement they will be escorted by the volunteer coordinator to their project site.

Spanish Language Level Requirements

All volunteers must complete a minimum of a two week Spanish course at Expanish before beginning their project in order to ensure they meet our minimum Spanish level requirements. Expanish offers Spanish course options for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Although Expanish offers volunteer opportunities for all levels, including those with basic Spanish, volunteers should be aware that the type of interactions they have, and the tasks they undertake may be at a more basic level.

Culture Shock

In an effort to make your volunteer placement as comfortable as possible, Expanish Volunteer places a culture shock rating on each one of its volunteer placements in order to make volunteers aware of the degree of intensity of the placement.

Low: Volunteers will be placed in an easily adaptable environment.

Medium: Volunteers may face challenging situations in an environment that is different than what they are accustomed to.

High: Volunteers will have to deal with challenging and sometimes intense situations where a proactive attitude and the ability to adapt will be necessary.

Free Time

Volunteers are encouraged to participate in cultural activities and excursions, offered by Expanish, outside of their volunteer program in Buenos Aires. These will complete the cultural immersion experience and serve as an excellent supplement to all volunteer programs.

General Eligibility

Volunteers must meet the eligibility requirements of each individual volunteer placement, as well as:

  • Age: Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Time: Minimum commitment four weeks (two weeks volunteer + two weeks Spanish).
  • Language: Beginner to intermediate level of Spanish depending on placement.

Why volunteer in Buenos Aires?

Since the economic crisis in 2001 and devaluation of the peso, Argentina has faced various degrees of financial challenges, in particular a rise in poverty and lack of funding in education, public services, and community aid. Organizations have stepped up to the challenge in the capital city, developing programs that focus on many of these areas striving to improve the overall quality of life in Argentina and create a better future for all of its residents.

Our volunteer opportunities in South America are supported by a range of Spanish courses to help volunteers get the most from their volunteering experience.

Quick Facts

There are opportunities available for beginner Spanish speakers (anyone who has two weeks of Intensive Spanish).

All projects are situated in the Buenos Aires capital or the province and have an average commute time of one hour (maximum of two hours) from the Expanish Spanish School.

Placements generally take place in the afternoons during week days but there are exceptions where activities take place on weekends or during the morning.

Volunteers can expect to work for an average of 15 hours per week (more hours available).

The volunteer orientation will be on the Friday after their Spanish course finishes at 2.30pm.

Volunteers will be accompanied to their volunteer program the following Monday or Tuesday by an Expanish coordinator.

What's included?

  • Working with Underprivileged Youth
  • Social Services
  • Tutoring and Academic Support
  • Teaching English
  • Volunteer with Senior Citizens
  • Fundraising
  • Environmental Volunteering
  • Helping People with Disabilities

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