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Expanish Volunteering with Underprivileged Youth

Expanish Volunteering with Underprivileged Youth programs, offers participating volunteers the chance to work directly with young people with the aim of improving their overall quality of life in a safe and secure environment.

The Program

Volunteers are needed to offer their skills, knowledge, and time to underprivileged youth in Buenos Aires who, due to economic or familial reasons, are in an at-risk situation and are in need of help. It is time to change the current living situation of these children and give them a chance at creating a better future.

This program is aimed at improving the overall quality of life of the underprivileged youth in Buenos Aires. Volunteers will be working closely with children to better their day-to-day lives and living environment.

Range of Responsibilities

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly with young people in a wide variety of activities, offering them a safe and secure space that encourages interaction. Through day to day support, education (school work, English work) and recreational activities and games, these underprivileged children will benefit from the support given by the projects and volunteers that may be lacking in their home lives.

Why this Project Needs You

There is a large group of at-risk, underprivileged, children in Buenos Aires who are in need of outside assistance in order to provide them with the support they need. Buenos Aires is home to many orphanages, children’s homes and community centers that work with local youth and offer educational information regarding health, work, and stay-in-school programs, arts and cultural programs, self-esteem and leadership activities, all, in the hopes of providing these youth with stability.

No matter which tasks you undertake during your time as a volunteer, you will find the program a rewarding experience. Tip: if you arrive with an open mind and a proactive attitude to help, these tools will enhance the level of your experience.

Culture Shock

All volunteers need to take two weeks of Spanish group classes before starting their volunteer program. You will find that the two weeks of Spanish will help you immensely in not only communicating with your colleagues, but also the people you are there to help as well as ensuring a richer experience. The more Spanish you know, the greater amount of tasks you will find yourself involved with as English may not be spoken.

You will have the option of choosing from a high culture shock project (such as working in a local shanty town) to a low culture shock project (such as a community center).

Example Tasks

  • Assist in daily tasks.
  • Help children with regular school work.
  • Give English/ Spanish classes.
  • Spend quality time with children.
  • Study sessions.
  • Conversation time.
  • Playing / sports.
  • Educational workshops.
  • Information about safety.
  • Basic education classes (examples include hygiene, nutrition and safety).
  • Games & activities.
  • Preparation of daily snack or meals.
Spanish and Volunteer schedule

Quick Facts

Opportunities available for beginner Spanish speakers (minimum 2 weeks of Intensive Spanish)

Maximum commute of 2 hours from Expanish School

Volunteers can expect to work an average of 15 hours per week (more available if required)

Start dates available throughout the year

Minimum one month commitment required from volunteers

Minimum age of 18

What's included?

  • Working with Underprivileged Youth
  • Social Services
  • Tutoring and Academic Support
  • Teaching English
  • Volunteer with Senior Citizens
  • Fundraising
  • Environmental Volunteering
  • Helping People with Disabilities

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