Travel to Buenos Aires and learn Spanish in Argentina Francais Viaje para Buenos Aires e aprenda espanhol na Argentina Spaans leren in wereldstad Buenos Aires Reise nach Buenos Aires und lerne Spanisch in Argeninien Viajá a Buenos Aires y aprendé Español en Argentina Kom till Buenos Aires och lär dig spanska i Sydamerika

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Travel to Buenos Aires and learn Spanish in Argentina

Buenos Aires combines Latin American passion and charm with European elegance, and is bursting with modern and classic culture, and a world-class restaurant and nightlife scene.

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5 Top Sights
  1. The Obelisk.

  2. Casa Rosada and Plaza de Mayo.

  3. Puerto Madero.

  4. Recoleta Cemetary and market.

  5. Caminito - La Boca.

5 Things to Do
  1. Take a guided bike tour around the city.

  2. Drink a coffee at the historic Cafe Tortoni.

  3. Explore the fashion boutiques and restaurants of Palermo.

  4. Take the antique A line of the subway.

  5. Browse the antiques and markets in San Telmo.

5 Nights Out
  1. Eat steak at one of the city's famous steakhouses.

  2. Sip cocktails at Palermo’s best night spots.

  3. Dance until dawn at one of BA’s famous nightclubs.

  4. Watch and dance the Tango at a traditional milonga.

  5. Try empanadas and the finest pizza outside of Italy.

5 Sights Outside of BA
  1. Tigre and the river delta.

  2. San Antonio de Areco and the Gaucho Festival.

  3. Colonia, a charming and picturesque town in Uruguay.

  4. Iguazu Falls, one of the great natural wonders of the world.

  5. Mendoza's wine region to try some of South America’s best wine.

5 Cultural Activities
  1. See a show at Teatro Colon.

  2. View Latin American modern art at the MALBA museum.

  3. Visit the Evita museum.

  4. Enjoy the drums at La Bomba de Tiempo.

  5. Take a grafiti tour and uncover the city’s street art scene or take a historical tour.

5 Sport Activities
  1. Watch a game of Polo.

  2. Go to a Boca Juniors fútbol game.

  3. Watch a match of the Pumas national rugby team.

  4. Attend a horse race at the Hipódromo.

  5. Go for a run around the nature reserve.

Cost Of Living

  • SIM Card AR$35 / US$4.20
  • Bread AR$10 / US$1.1
  • Big Mac AR$21 / US$2.54
  • Water Bottle AR$10 / US$1.10
  • Cinema Ticket AR$45 / US$8
  • Empanadas AR$10 / US$1.25
  • Subway Ticket AR$4.50 / US$0.50
  • Steak AR$85 / US$10
  • Milk AR$10 / US$1.10


Buenos Aires has a mild temperate climate all year round, meaning that the city experiences all four seasons. Temperatures peak around Jan and Feb during mid-summer and are at their lowest in the winter months of July and August, but they do not drop below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit). With such a pleasant and mild climate, Buenos Aires is a great place to study all year round!

Buenos Aires Weather Averages Buenos Aires Weather Averages
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National Holidays

Expanish Spanish School will close for Argentine Public Holidays. During weeks where there is one one holiday and four days of class, Expanish will offer an optional two-hour class to compensate. During weeks where there are two holidays and three days of class, Expanish will offer an optional 6-hour class to compensate. Students should take holidays into account when planning their trip.Please be aware that the Argentine government is prone to adding new holidays with little or no notice during the course of each year.Expanish will endeavor to communicate these changes as soon as they have been formally announced.

Date Holiday
January 1st Año Nuevo
February 16th, 17th Carnaval
March 23rd, 24th Día Nacional de la Memoria por la Verdad y la Justicia
April 2nd*, 3rd Malvinas Veteran day
April 18th Viernes Santo
May 1st Worker's day
May 25th Día de la Revolución de Mayo
July 9th Día de la Independencia
August 17th Paso a la Inmortalidad del General José de San Martín
October 12th Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural
November 23rd Día de la Soberanía Nacional
December 7th, 8th Inmaculada Concepción de María
December 24th*, 25th, 26th Christmas

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