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Learn Spanish in South America - Expanish Spanish School Buenos Aires

South America is a diverse continent full of different cultures, beautiful landscapes and wonderful people.

We have created a small summary about the region to inform you a little more about this great continent and to encounter the possibilities open to you while visiting the countries in Latin America. Here you can find more information about tourism and the great sites that you have to visit per country, the different movies that South American countries have produced, as well as the music and the typical food that characterize each. Come and enjoy all that South America has to offer!


Latin America is a BIG continent and each country offers its own set of unique experiences. These are some of the most popular things to do around the continent. From partying at the carnival to lying on beautiful beaches and to hiking on glaciers; this continent offers something for everyone. And this is just the beginning! Go and explore what this continent has to offer.

And this is just the beginning! Go and explore what this continent has to offer!

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South America has a great cinema culture, while maybe not as famous as the industry in the United States or India; South America definitely has produced interesting movies. In our school we offer classes that include watching a movie and discussing the details of these movies. We have created a summary of famous movies per country in South America.

Enjoy the movies and in the meantime you might be able to practice your Spanish!

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South America while having produced sounds that are specific to the region like Tango, Samba and Salsa also has bands that are more mainstream. Here you will find some of the most popular bands to come out of each country within South America.

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One way to truly experience another country and immerse yourself in the culture is to try the local cuisine. Below you will find some of the most traditional foods from around South America.

Remember that food always tastes better when shared with others and Latinos love to eat with their family and friends so for a genuine experience make sure you get a big group of people together to enjoy the moment.

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