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Movies from around Latin America

South America has a great cinema culture, while maybe not as famous as the industry in the United States or India; South America definitely has produced interesting movies. In our school we offer classes that include watching a movie and discussing the details of these movies. We have created a summary of famous movies per country in South America. Enjoy the movies and in the meantime you might be able to practice your Spanish!

Chile - “Tony Manero” Directed by Pablo Larrain (2008)

5 wins & 1 nomination.

Raul is a 52 year old man living in Santiago, Chile in 1978 and is obsessed with John Travolta`s character in the movie Saturday Night Fever. He dreams of winning a Tony Manero look-and-dance-alike concert and spends most of his time ensuring his act is perfect. The rest of his time is spent inflicting violence and committing murder.

Uruguay - “Gigante” Directed by Adrián Biniez (2009)

15 wins & 3 nominations.

Jara is a mid-30s security guard who is shy and lonely. He works the night shift at a supermarket monitoring the surveillance cameras. One night while watching the cameras he notices Julia who is a 25 year old cleaning woman. He becomes obsessed with her and begins following her around the city of Montevideo.

Paraguay - “Hamaca Paraguaya” Directed by Paz Encina (2006)

5 wins & 1 nomination.

This movie takes place on a single day, June 14, 1935 in an isolated jungle in Paraguay. Candida and Ramon are an elderly couple of peasants whose son, Maximilian Ramon Caballero, went to fight in the Chaco War. They are waiting for him to come back, the father - with optimism, confident that his son is alive but the mother, however, is less hopeful about his return...

Bolivia - “American Visa” Directed by Juan Carlos Valdivia (2005)

3 wins & 3 nominations.

Mario, a retired English teacher from the Bolivian countryside dreams of moving to the United states in order to create a new life for himself and reunite with his son. He arrives in La Paz and after being denied a visa and meeting an exotic dancer becomes involved in a web of criminal activities.

Brazil - “City of God” Directed by Fernando Meirelles (2002)

Nominated for 4 Oscars. Another 56 wins & 26 nominations.

City of God is based on real events within the slum "City of God" in Rio de Janeiro between the late 60`s to the early 80`s which was a time of growth for organized crime. The slum is a place that revolves around drugs, money and love and shows the path of 2 boys - one who becomes a photographer and the other a drug dealer.

Peru - “La Teta Asustada” Directed by Claudia Llosa (2009)

Nominated for an Oscar. Another 15 wins & 3 nominations.

Fausta suffers from “Milk of Sorrow” - a rare disease that is transmitted through breast milk by women who have been raped or sexually abused during or soon after their pregnancy. Due to this "disease" she lives in constant fear and confusion and must suddenly deal with her mother’s death. Following this she decides to take extreme action in order to not follow in the footsteps of her mother.

Ecuador - “Que Tan Lejos” Directed by Tania Hermida (2006)

2 wins & 2 nominations.

Tristeza, a student from Quito, and Esperanza, a traveler from Barcelona, are thrown together when the bus they need to take from Quito to Cuenca is delayed due to a strike. They decide to hitchhike and along the way they end up meeting different people who give them a new perspective to life.

Colombia - “Maria full of grace” Directed by Joshua Marston (2004)

Nominated for Oscar. Another 34 wins & 24 nominations.

Maria, a 17 year old pregnant girl from Colombia decides to become a drug mule after becoming tired of working for menial wages. She is almost caught by customs in the United States but manages to enter the country where she embarks on a stunning journey.

Costa Rica - “El Camino” Directed by Ishtar Yasin Gutierrez (2007)

4 wins & 1 nomination.

El Camino follows the journey of 2 children, 12 year old Saslaya and her brother Dario, who leave their native Nicaragua to find their mother in Costa Rica who left them in the care of their grandparents 8 years before in order to search for work.

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