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Music from around Latin America

Latin America while having produced sounds that are specific to the region like Tango, Samba and Salsa also has bands that are more mainstream. Here you will find some of the most popular bands to come out of each country within Latin America.

Chile - Panico

Panico is a alternative rock band that began in France in 1994 and became one of the most popular bands in Chile. Members of the band include Edi Pistolas, Carolina Tres Estrellas, Memoria Radial, Tatán Cavernícola, DJ Squat. They have released 6 studio albums, 4 EPs and participated in 6 compilation albums.

Uruguay - La Vela Puerca

La Vela Puerca is a rock band from Uruguay that was formed in December 1995. Current members include: Sebastián Teysera 'Enano', Sebastián Cebreiro 'Cebolla', Nicolás Lieutier 'Mandril', Carlos Quijano 'Coli',Alejandro Picone 'Ale', Santiago Butler 'Santi', Rafael Di Bello 'Rafa', José Canedo 'Pepe'. The band first appeared at a street party in Montevideo on December 24, 1995. The band has released 6 albums.

Paraguay - Ripe Banana Skins

RBS is a Ska punk band from Paraguay. It was formed in 2001 and they are one of the most popular punk bands in the country. Its members include Andrés Selich, Rodrigo Cristaldo, Pablo García Blaya, Fernando Uriarte, Víctor Montanaro, Mario Llanes, Federico Velazquez, Elvio Guainer. They have released one CD and are currently working on the second as well as the release of a live performance DVD. They have also participated in 2 other complication CDs.

Bolivia - Octavia

Octavia began in 1988 where it was first known as Coda 3 and then changed its name to Octavia 8 years later. They are a rock pop band which combines pop sounds, Andean music, electronic synthesizers and acoustic music. Their members include Gimmer Illanes, Simón Lujan, Vladimir Pérez, Ricardo Sasaki, Omar González, Martín Fox. The band has released 13 albums.

Brazil - CSS

CSS or Cansei de Ser Sexy (Tired of being sexy) is a Brazilian rock band that was formed in 2003. Their name is based on a reported quote by Beyonce. Current members include Lovefoxxx, Luiza Sá, Ana Rezende, Carolina Parra. They have released 3 discs so far.

Peru - Líbido

Libido is Peru's most successful band having sold hundreds of thousands of discs worldwide and receiving Grammy nominations and several Latin MTV awards. They are a rock band that was formed in 1996 and consists of the following members: Salim Vera, Antonio Jauregui, Manolo Hidalgo, Jeffry Fischman and Ivan Mindreau. They have released 6 studio albums, 3 live albums and one compilation album.

Ecuador - Sal y Mileto

Sal y Mileto is a three-man band originally formed in 1994 and is considered to be one of Ecuador`s best rock bands. Members of the band are Paul Segovia, Franko Aguirre and Igor Icaza. They have released 2 albums.

Colômbia - Shakira

Shakira appeared on the music scene of Colombia in the 1990's. She became popular within Latin America and Spain in 1995 but it was only in 2001 that she broke into the English speaking music world. She has released 7 discs and won over 30 awards.

Costa Rica - Malpaís

Malpais was formed in 1999 and played their final concert on November 18th 2011 in honor of a founding member who died suddenly of a heart attack. The type of music that the band plays was dubbed "Costarican new song". They have released 6 discs. Members of the band included Jaime Gamboa, Iván Rodríguez, Gilberto Jarquín, Manuel Obregón, Carlos "Tapado" Vargas.

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