Why choose Expanish Spanish School in Argentina Francais Por que escolher a Escola de Espanhol Expanish na Argentina Waarom kiezen voor Expanish Warum Expanish Spanisch Sprachschule in Argentinien wählen Por qué elegir Expanish Escuela de Español en Argentina Varför Expanish Spanish School i Argentina?

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Why choose Expanish Spanish School in Argentina

Expanish is proud to be one of the best Spanish language schools in Latin America. We are located centrally and offer classes in a refurbished building with modern facilities. Our teachers are of the highest calibre and our classes are great value for money.

  • Educational ExcellenceHigh quality teaching staff and proven teaching methods
  • World Class Facilities and Central LocationClasses are held in our completely refurbished, historical building
  • AccreditationsAccredited and recommended by various organizations to guarantee quality
  • Best AccommodationSafe and Comfortable Homestays, Apartments and Student Residences
  • Dedicated TeamOur friendly and approachable staff is always happy to help students
  • Social ActivitiesA range of social activities to maximize cultural immersion
  • Nationality and Age MixDiverse mix of students from a broad range of nationalities and ages.
  • Value for MoneyExpanish is one of Buenos Aires top Spanish Schools, trusted to provide excellent spanish tutoring and facilities at reasonable cost.
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Quiero decirles que la escuela es fantástica, los profesores extraordinarios y los métodos pedagógicos... Read More

CanadaGeraldo Barsalou, Canadá

I have had a great 8 weeks meeting some great people and learning not only about the language by the... Read More

InglaterraJonathan Robb, England

Me gusta esta escuela muchísimo! Todas las personas que trabajan aca son muy buenas y ellos... Read More

HolandaNadine Van Veen, Holland

Me encantó estudiar en un pequeño grupo, me permitió hablar mucho español. Los temas en la clase... Read More

FranciaIrfana Guelah, France

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